Our trainings are conducted by professionals that are presently in the career field of the subject matter of which they train. This assures that our members or an organizations that we service receive the most up to date information. Although our on-site training allows us to bring the training to you, we can also provide an off-site training facility as an alternative for your organization.

Each month The P.E.E.R Group, LLC provides a unique and beneficial training or workshop to help our members and others attract more business, maintain and retain the business they already have, or to just learn.

Workshops & Training topics include:

  • Leadership / Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Understanding Technology
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Conflicts of Customer Service
  • Understanding Insurance
  • Project Management
  • Professional Development
  • Getting your business ready for Prime Time in 2 minutes or less
  • Customer Service
  • Will Workshop
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Management
  • Identity Theft Awareness / Security and many more ……

If you would like to request a training or workshop for your staff or employees please place your request through our Contact Us page, detailing the subject matter you that interest you and one of The P.E.E.R Group consultants will contact you. If you are interested in attending our public trainings for businesses or organizations please click the link below.