Innovative Partnered Events



Assistance with an INNOVATIVE PARTNERED EVENT is one of the many benefits a Professional Partner obtains in our program. Each Professional Partner chooses from the following categories:


Showcasing EventAlthough this is an event you pay for to showcase/launch your company by working with your assigned event planning company affordable venues are confirmed, unique vendor opportunities are created with professionals whose services and target market may be similar, along with a host of partnering tasks that ensure costs are reduced drastically thus allowing you to focus on showcasing your company.



Fundraising EventNon-Profit and For-Profit organizations choose this event option to raise funds. This may be done through ticket sales or sponsorship packages or a mixture of both. Partnering helps in these cases as well.



Remaining Relevant EventsOften times it is easier to be partnered with other events instead of creating and implementing them yourself. Our event planners create events that give The Professionals of the PEER Group opportunities to promote a variety of events to their audience.



Please feel free to view examples of these events through our channel created by one of our many Professional Partners LGTV!