Booker Autism Foundation of Learning Inc.

Booker Autism Foundation of Learning Inc.
The Mission of the BAFOL is to use the ARTS, education, and research to improve the culture and lifestyle of the ASD individual. We want to create an environment that makes it easier for people universally to connect, collaborate and provide answers while raising public awareness about ASD.

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At BAFOL, Inc. we aim to rebuild HOPE, where it’s been damaged or lost. We strive to ensure CONFIDENCE, where there is none. By being a VOLUNTEER OPERATED/RAN ORGANIZATION, we use all of our resources and energy to work with those individuals and families on the Spectrum of Autism in need, for FREE. Those individuals of whom are underprivileged, and those whom are abandoned, we strive to rebuild and restructure lives for our future generations. Our focus lies on Global Community concerns, which include GREEN LIVING, GLOBAL ASD EDUCATION, AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS, and Inclusion. BAFOL, Inc. firmly believes in the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. We work globally on creating the most knowledgeable, understanding, and well equipped society for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Because, the solutions needed to work with anyone who is diagnosed with this condition, is delicate. We believe that anyone is able to teach someone else how to be compassionate, understanding, giving, and loving!


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Phone: (502) 408-1847
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Monday - Thursday 10am-4pm

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1. We provide a 4-6 week FREE summer youth workshop based on S.T.E.M and ARTS. 2. We provide a FREE Mobile Holistic/Alternative Cooking Class 3. We provide a FREE PSG Workshop on ASD 4. We provide FREE ASD referrals to Dr. Mohammad Mian (Psychiatrist) Jeffersonville, IN 5. We provide FREE (global) referrals to agencies that work with families on the Spectrum